La recente scomparsa di Giuseppe Forasassi
 La SIPS si associa a Francesco D'Auria nel suo ricordo

Emeritus Professor Giuseppe Forasassi died Nov. 23, 2017 in Pisa at the age of 76.He spent his life at University teaching  and researching in the area of nuclear technology. He assumed the leadership of the (now, former) department of nuclear technology in Pisa and created a synergic connection, or the Consortium, with other universities in the Country having nuclear engineering courses. The Consortium contributed to the survival of expertise in a Country which regretfully abandoned the nuclear option for electricity production after the Chernobyl event. Giuseppe teached me during the fifth year the topic of structual design of nuclear reactors and I considered him the best among about sixty professors I had during the entire student carier toward the end of 70’s; the synthesis, the deepness and the clarity of his lectures were remarkable. Unfortunatly I had never the opportunity to inform him about my evaluation.His passing away left a void which will never be filled, although his thoughts are are deeply rooted into the mind of all of us who had him as a Maestro. Goodby Giuseppe.
Francesco D’Auria

Giuseppe Forassi